moving forward...

i started writing a post reflecting back through 2011 and how i did with the goals i set a year ago. but in reality, my heart wasn't in it. i've also contemplated a long post of goals for 2012...and again, my heart is not there. it's not that i don't care about my past or my future. but i'm busy, and have been for awhile. and i'm pushing along in survival mode. 

i wish i was able to blog more, but when i do blog... i want my heart to be there. so, i didn't do a recap of my goals or favorite photos or highlights of 2011. i'm just rolling on...

i do have some things for 2011 that are top of mind and i'd consider "goals". i don't have a formal list, but they are in my mind and my heart. oh, what the hay, i'll go ahead and throw out a quick list...

organize. purge. home projects. balance. project life. pinch pennies. cut calories. move more. communicate. love. kindness. intentional. grace

really, it's not much different than any other year. 

here's to a (late) start to the new year. cheers.

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