the silver lining

today, i am on round three of cabin fever and figured it would be a good time to focus on my blessings.

today i am thankful that...

:: coleman's meds are kicking in

:: we have good health insurance and didn't have to think twice about two dr visits within a few days of each other

:: my boss has a family and is understanding of my having to be home (again)

:: despite the cabin fever, we have a home that is cozy and i love being here. even when feeling yucky.

:: we have a DVR. and iPhones. sick day entertainment at its laziest.

:: the three bouts of sickness have been separated by a few days so I could at least make an appearance at the office.

:: i can do some work from home as coleman allows or after he's in bed.

:: his illness and mood could be a lot worse. he has handled it all relatively well.

:: matt was able to take him to both of his dr appointments

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