First Softball Game

This was Spencer's first softball game back on the 29th of April. Doesn't he look so serious??? He's played t-ball for 3 years and has finally moved up to softball. T-ball had no rules and very little structure. Everyone batted, everyone played outfield. You swung until you hit - no matter how long it took. Everyone ran all the bases and there was no score.

Softball is a different animal. There are only a certain number of players in the outfield - and Spencer's team is large so not everyone gets to play. Three strikes and you're out. Three outs and it's the other team's turn - even if everyone didn't get a chance to bat. They DO keep score and there is a tournament at the end.

And the biggest difference - the coaches take it seriously LOL.

Spencer wasn't thrilled with the first game. He got to bat, but struck out. He only played outfield one out of three innings and no balls came his way. But stay tuned...it gets better at the next game.

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