{coleman's birthday}

When I posted my list of projects (see post below), I should've included Coleman's First Birthday Party. It's probably been my main project focus so far this year (well, that and HOA stuff). It wasn't a hard decision to choose a theme. For some reason, monkeys just worked. Originally I had thought about orange and brown as the color scheme, but Matt wasn't a fan and I didn't want it to look like a Cleveland Browns party. So, lime green and chocolate brown were the final verdict.

I began by scouring the "party" sites, only to find that there were no monkey plates, etc in my color selection, but I was OK with that. A friend of mine was finding all sorts of cool birthday stuff over at etsy, so I checked it out. Sure enough...there was plenty of cuteness to be had, and most sellers will work with you on customization (is that a word?). So, I found all sorts of monkey goodness and thought I was all set.

Then reality set in. You can call it mommy guilt or you can say I'm a glutton for punishment or you can just call me crazy. But the nagging feeling inside me finally rose to the top and said: "STOP. There is absolutely NO WAY you are going to let some stranger create the cuteness that will surround your only child on his first birthday." I mean, seriously??? I actually entertained this idea???

Don't get me wrong. I loved all the stuff I found. And I wouldn't think poorly of anyone that purchased those things. But I know that I can do this all myself. And what I don't know how to do...well, I'll figure it out. I did it for Spencer and I will do it for Coleman. Will he care? No. Will he know the difference? No. Will he be a better child, man, student, father, or person because of my creations? No. Would I forgive myself if I didn't put every ounce of my creative being into making the perfect first birthday party for my perfect baby boy? Absolutely Not. And there you have it.

So, after this realization sank in, along with the loud sound of the ticking clock...I went to town. My goal was to great the elements in a "hybrid" fashion. They'd be done digitally, printed and then enhanced on paper. So, step one...finding the perfect monkey. You have no idea how many monkey clip art images I scanned through. Wow. I'm very pleased with my decision and I actually purchased the clip art so it'd be a higher resolution (a first for me).

Step two...figuring out how to create text in a circle using PSE7. A few google searches later and I learned that you can't actually do it without buying a "text path"...which I did (another first). It was super easy to use and it came with another digital element that I wanted to use, so that was exciting (and frugal). I also used an online tutorial for making a scalloped edge and tweaked it for something else I needed. If I seem vague, it's intentional. And you will not see any photos of my progress either. I don't want all the goodness to be shown on the site before the "big day". Of course I will post everything afterwards :)

Step three...create, create, create. Over the past week or so I have gone to town on my computer, designing the digital portions of my creations. This is the easy part. I'm at a point now where I need to get more physical.

So, what have I accomplished?
Decided on a time/date (spread the word to 'save the date')
Booked the photographer
Purchased clip art and text paths to allow for digital designs
Designed various digital elements
Purchased a punch needed to complete elements
Arranged to borrow some tools from mom
Purchased cupcake liners and cookie cutter
Purchased outfit and bib for birthday boy
Decided what Matt should wear on party day
Submitted vacation day request at work for the day before the party

And what is left to do?
Print digital elements for color testing
Purchase coordinating cardstock and ribbon
Decide on food selections
Purchase tableware
Find my cupcake holder
Decide what Spencer and I should wear on party day
Create and mail invitations
Physically make other "elements"
Finish Coleman's First Year scrapbook carousel
Arrange to have multiple high chairs

I know this wasn't a very exciting post, but I'm so consumed with this topic right now, I felt compelled to write about it. The party is a little over a month from now (Feb 27th), so I feel I'm on track to get everything completed in time. I've been including party related updates in my weekly recaps and will continue to do so.


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  1. Holly... really enjoyed reading your thoughts and thinking process! LOL! Sounds similar to mine in regards to K's parties... ha ha. Congrats on teaching yourself so many things... maybe now you can give me some pointers! :o) Can't wait to see all the finished goodness...
    Oh and LOVE LOVE LOVE the look of your blog... did you make the background and banner?! Super duper cute!!!