this week {1.18 - 1.24}

~ i shopped at bi-lo, food lion, walgreen's and hobby lobby ~

~ i got a cold, called in sick on monday and slept all day. really. all day. ~

~ rio ran off again. what's up with that. back to the leash for him! ~

~ sherry stopped by on tuesday and brought me some ice cream. so sweet ~

~ prepped for and attended another hoa board meeting (2nd one this month) ~

~ worked on the neighborhood newletters and website ~

~ committed to be on the events and activities committee for banks trail middle school ~

~ the journey began. and i'm proud to say that i kept up with the daily readings and journaled each day as well ~

~ i ended up having to take another half sick day on wednesday afternoon ~

~ i made a lot of progress on the digital creations for coleman's birthday party ~

~ we missed the meeting about spencer's new middle school because i was sick ~

~ spencer got bad sick (stomach virus) and missed three days of school ~

~ i got my free lee jeans in the mail. they are super duper comfortable ~

~ scott came over to hang out on thursday night ~

~ matt finally finished putting locks on our cabinet doors ~

~ tara, warren and colton came over for a visit on friday night ~

~ cassidy and giada came over for a while on saturday. sherry swung by too ~

~ cassidy created her first scrapbook page. yay! i can't believe i forgot to take a picture!  ~

~ i created a two-page 12x12 paper layout. felt good. really good. ~

~ i worked on getting things together for coleman's one-year carousel scrapbook. then, i actually got it caught up!!! woohoo. ~

~ i gave in and bought a starbucks. with my favorite being gone (pumpkin spice latte), i decided to try something new - the cinnamon dolce latte. it was ok, but not fantastic. ~

~ matt and i decided we are probably going to change the accountant we use to do our taxes ~

~ tara came over for coffee on sunday morning ~

~ coleman had an awesome weekend. he is getting really great at playing independently ~

~ coleman turned 11 months old on sunday. where does the time go???? ~

~ i ordered some photos from walgreen's ~

~ i only took 15 pictures all week. crazy! ~

{pedometer challenge}
i actually ended up with three days without counts this week. monday, i was sick in bed most of the day so i just didn't bother. one day, the battery fell out again so the data was lost. then one day the reading was all screwed up. so, anyway...for one of the "lost" days, i'm going to use a previously unused day (which was that week's lowest).
total step count = 35,507
highest step count = 10,501 (whooohooo)
lowest step count = 3,373 (oh, not good at all...but the pedometer wasn't working in the morning)
average step count = 7,101
{savings tracker}
spent $175; saved $101 (37%)
annual savings = $288 (38%)

{coleman's birthday}
~ friday i made a big mistake and discovered a few awesome party idea websites. as if i didn't have enough, i now have a million more ideas!! ~

~ coleman and i went to hobby lobby. we bought a few things but did more "window shopping" so that we'd know what they have when we have a better idea of what we need. ribbon spools were 50% off so i went ahead and got some of that. also got a few small cool things...don't want to ruin any surprises. oh, i was happy to get the envelopes for the invites without having to order them online. ~

~ i did some test printing and my printer was not printing any of the shades of green any differently (they were drastically different on the screen). so when i ordered some pictures from walgreen's, i added a couple of test prints to the order. i did three and the greens look identical (though significantly lighter than my home printer, but still don't match the party supplies). so, basically i'm a bit aggravated/frustrated with this part of the planning. ~


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