this week {12.28 to 1.3}

~ i shopped at wal-mart (twice), food lion ~

~ i only did five loads of laundry ~

~ i cleaned our me and matt's closet and took 4 bags of clothes to goodwill ~

~ we took down all of the christmas decorations ~

~ i only went into the office one day ~

~ i returned our library books ~

~ i sent in volunteer information to the new middle school that spencer will go to ~

~ i finally firmed up spencer's january schedule ~

~ we finalized childcare so that matt and i can go out to celebrate his birthday ~

~ i worked on the neighborhood website somewhat ~

~ my sister had a birthday ~

~ i renewed my flickr account ... can't imagine living without this! ~

~ i emailed our accountant with some questions and worked on our tax prep form ~

~ i listened to my new kris allen cd ~

~ i picked up my pedometer for the pedometer challenge. more on that later ~

~ cassidy and giada came over for a visit ~

~ dad, cynthia, michelle and maggie came into town and came by the house for a visit ~

~ michelle, maggie, coleman and i went grocery shopping together ~

~ coleman and i went to sherry's house to celebrate her birthday ~

~ coleman threw up after almost choking on a piece of birthday hat ~

~ i finished making handprint ornaments for my family ~

~ i picked up spencer from his mom's on thursday (nye) and got coleman from daycare early ~

~ spencer had a new year's eve party/sleepover at a friend's house ~

~ coleman and i spent the night at sherry's house for new year's eve (matt had to work) ~

~ sherry, michelle, maggie, teddy, rob and i played caboo. ~

~ coleman woke up right before midnight so he was awake to ring in the new year with me ~

~ i did a 2009 review blog post and a 2010 looking forward blog post ~

~ we watched the ball drop..."we" is only me, michelle, coleman and teddy. no one else made it. ~

~ i picked spencer up from his sleepover, woke matt up and headed back to sherry's for her oyster roast (on new year's day) ~

~ i ate yummy oysters. lots of 'em ~

~ we cleaned up the house for our bowl party ~

~ we had family and friends over to watch the gamecocks get beat up by uconn ~

~ matt let me sleep until 9 a.m.!!!!!! ~

~ we ate lunch at matt's parents' house on sunday ~

~ spencer had a basketball pep rally to kick off the season ~


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