this week {1.11 - 1.18}

~ i wasted an hour in the car just to take spencer's bookbag to him ~

~ i clipped coupons ~

~ matt's back went out ~

~ spencer got hit in the eye with his arrow at archer practice (he's ok) ~

~ i prepared for and attended the hoa social committee meeting ~

~ i got stuck in some serious morning traffic ~

~ i watched the premiere of american idol. wooooohooooo ~

~ i worked on the neighborhood website and newsletter ~

~ i bought stuff for matt's birthday (cheesecake, candles, cards, balloon, etc) ~

~ i shopped at food lion ~

~ we ordered domino's pizza ~

~ spencer and i gave matt his birthday cards and gift ~

~ someone put a toilet of beer cans on our front lawn and tp'd matt's truck ~

~ coleman finally learned to go down the stairs between the den and kitchen ~

~ i didn't get nearly enough sleep ~

~ scott came over to hang out ~

~ spencer, coleman and i went for a walk ~

~ i decided to stop doing weekly counts of laundry loads. it was depressing. ~

~ i filed coupons ~

~ i blogged about american idol ~

~ i completed a digital scrapbook layout ~

~ coleman and i went to tara and warren's house to visit ~

~ i bought clip art and a digital template to use for coleman's birthday party ~

~ i ordered some cute stuff from bake it pretty (heart shaped pancake mold, adorable cupcake liners and a circle cookie cutter). ~

{pedometer challenge}
i logged steps for five days. one day was lost because the pedometer was dropped right before bed. the battery fell out, losing the day's data. sunday i wasn't feeling well and realized around 10 a.m. that i'd forgotten to put it on. i knew it'd be a lazy day so i opted to just skip.
five day total: 36,975
five day average: 7,395
highest step count: 10,035 (first time breaking 10,000!!)
lowest step count: 4,617
my average was very close to last week's (slightly lower), which is disappointing. i need to *step it up* (get it??? ha ha!)

{savings tracker}
spent: $93
saved: $26 (22%) not very good...
annual cumulative savings: $187 (39%)

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