this week {1.25 - 1.31}

~ i shopped at bi-lo and office depot ~

~ finished january newsletter for our neighborhood ~

~ revealed neighborhood website ~

~ matt made peanut butter cookies ~

~ i did the elliptical machine for 20 minutes one day...hey, baby steps ~

~ we got spencer caught up on school work after missing three days ~

~ we watched two episodes of the singing bee as a family ~

~ spencer had archery tryouts and made the team!!!! ~

~ spencer got his report card. he got three As and one B! ~

~ spencer got his reading assessment scores back. he was above average and reads on a 8.6 grade level ~

~ i sent in a rebate ~

~ i sent in our first dependent care reimbursement form ~

~ i worked on a list of ideas for a blog party...oh yeah, that's right! more to come ~

~ i began reading old blog posts ~

~ coleman fed himself some finger foods ~

~ we started replacing some of coleman's bottles with whole milk instead of formula ~

~ i found a block in my slipper and my contact lens solution in a toy basket ~

~ i attended a meeting for the events & activities committee for the new middle school that spencer will eventually attend ~

~ at that meeting, i somehow became the "events coordinator" for the pep rally. as if i have time for that ~

~ i missed teddy's basketball game because the meeting ran long ~

this is coleman with aunt sherry at the game...

~ michelle wasn't able to come into town on thursday as originally planned (she came friday morning) ~

~ coleman and i went to sherry's on friday. i scrapped (somewhat) and hung out with  my sisters ~

~ i picked spencer up from school on friday; later matt came and picked up both boys ~

~ friday night i started throwing up. i thought it was food poisoning. ~

~ saturday we woke up to snow/sleet on the ground. i went home early from our scrappin' weekend ~

~ spencer's basketball game and snow tubing party were cancelled ~

~ my sisters missed me ~

~ matt got sick saturday night. this changed the 'food poisoning' diagnosis to 'stomach virus' ~

~ on sunday, we had spencer's mom come get him early. sherry took coleman for the night so we could sleep and get better~

~ i only took SEVEN pictures???? what's wrong with me? ~

coleman's party
~ i am happy to report that after purchasing new ink cartridges and higher quality paper, i am content with the shade of green that is printing. quite a relief ~

~ the scalloped punch my mom sent (via my sister) works perfectly. the problem? my sister accidentally packed it up and took it back with her. no worries. if i can't find one locally, she will mail it to me. just glad to know it will work. ~

pedometer challenge
it was not a good week at all. my pedometer was messed up on monday and tuesday (readings in the 2000s even though my day was "normal"). then saturday and sunday, i was sick and barely moved.
total = 22,023 steps (average = 4,404) ouch!

savings tracker
spent = $87; saved = $57 (39%)
annual savings = $344 (39%)


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  1. You make me tired just reading all the things you do in a week.... :)