{idol returns}

american idol starts tonight

it's that time of year again and i couldn't be more excited!!!!

if you know me or are a loyal blog reader (yeah, i have a ton of those...right???), you know that i love, love, love american idol. what proof? in eight seasons, i've only missed one episode. and i remember which one: carrie's season, 80's night.

i'm just thrilled that it starts tonight. SEASON NINE. bring it on!!!! i'm not a fan of the early episodes and prefer the later stuff when the singing is really good (and not stupid). but i insist on watching each and every episode so that i can pick out the winners early on (i totally said carrie underwood was going all the way when i saw her original audition).

so...what's in store for us this season????

she may have been crazy as a loon, but ya gotta admit you're gonna miss her...

and she is being replaced by this funny lady.
at first, i hated the idea. but her enthusiasm won me over. at least she's funny...

this guy's last season....
what will we do without him? enjoy every moment of his british cockiness while he's still here.

and we are stuck with her...

and then there's this guy.
bless his little heart...he doesn't cause much of a stir, does he?

and who is going to make it all *OK* as we adapt? this guy.
some may think that idol won't last without simon. but i think this smiley fellow is really the one that holds it all together for america. 

and just for giggles...anyone remember this guy?

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  1. I love reading your "passionate" comments about Idol! I don't know how much I will be watching this season...but I know you will keep me updated. I especially like it when you blog while watching...particularly when I have seen the same episode. I look so forward to your posts!