{15 questions}

one of my favorite blogs is marta writes. when i see a new post show up in my google reader, i get all tingly excited. (yes, i'm a dork like that). anyway...she went on vacation recently and lined up a ton of guests bloggers who all filled out this questionnairre. i thought it would be fun to do my own version...

:: no matter what mood i'm in, i can always go for a: mexican food & music (not necessarily together)

:: my favorite go-to outfit would have to be: for fall/winter it has been jeggings, boots and a comfy but cute top. i'm excited to see what spring brings. i need to go shopping.

:: a good source of inspiration is: etsy.
:: am so glad my parents taught me: (mom) crafty goodness and to value honesty (dad) love of photography & jimmy buffett

:: a song i like to dance to is: anything by usher!

:: i wish everyone knew about: God.

:: the best thing in my makeup bag is: my cover girl simpy powder compact. i don't actually apply it in the morning, but it's perfect for covering yucky spots during the day.

:: my dream spring break vacation spot is: since we're dreaming...a quaint bed & breakfast in tuscany.

:: this may be a surprise, but i am passionate about: i'm not sure that i'm very surprising. what you see is what you get.

:: a favorite book that changed me for the better: the bible (obviously), more recently one thousand gifts by ann voskamp. but i also have to say that i started reading john grisham in high school. i'm pretty sure that lead me to choose my major, consider certain career paths and brought me to my current love of crime dramas (tv, movies, books).

:: one of my pet peeves is: people that drive slow in the left lane.

:: my favorite daily ritual would have to be: morning coffee and quiet time

:: i am trying to be better at: patience. patience. patience.

:: the most recent rad thing i found online was: pinterest

:: i can't live without: my family (if we're speaking materialistically, my camera)

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