dieting for dummies {3.13}

total weight loss: as of wednesday (my WW weigh-in day), i had lost 13. but over the weekend, i came in more like 12.

as i mentioned last week, we recently purchased "singstar dance" for our PS3. both saturday and sunday of this weekend, i did about 45 minutes to an hour of dancing on this. coleman loves it and hops around with me. it's tons of fun and makes the time go by quickly. plus...i can sharpen up my routines and beat spencer the next time we play against one another (shhhh....don't tell).

tip: fruit & veggie prep
prior to joining weight watchers, i didn't eat many fruits or vegetables. it's nothing personal against the little guys - many of them are quite tasty - but i just didn't. that's probably been one of the best things that i've gained out of WW....an appreciation of the them. hopefully that will stick with me long past this diet.

however, i have learned one thing. the easiest way to eat fresh fruits & vegetables (for me) is to make sure i prepare them right away. when i get home from the grocery store, as part of putting the groceries away, i make sure to take the time to clean, chop, and package my fresh goodies. obviously some things don't require thing (like bananas). but things like strawberries, bell peppers, celery, etc....those do. i clean everything, and where appropriate i chop them into manageable sizes. then i usually put some in a plastic container to keep in my fridge at home. but i also put smaller portions in little ziploc baggies so that i can easily grab them before work in the morning. this one tiny step makes all the difference between whether i actually enjoy my yummy fruits & veggies or whether they go bad in my fridge, waiting on someone to grab them.

i'm happy to report that i've been enjoying my newly expanded wardrobe. no, i did not go on a shopping spree. i'm actually able to comfortably fit into lots of clothes in my closet that have been in hibernation for a while. a long while. luckily, some of them are still relatively in style!
plus, when the temperature highs have a 20 degree swing in one day, it makes your wardrobe seem twice as large -- sweaters one day, t-shirts the next; boots & flip-flops all in the same week...gotta love spring in the south.

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