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110205 Chandlers 14 - Spencer

last night, i came home from work emotionally and mentally exhausted. i greeted spencer by biting his head off about something stupid. i was equal in my treatings to both matt and coleman. the only night this week that the four of us would be together and i was acting like a witch. we even kind of got lucky...2 1/2 hours on the baseball field for a scrimmage was cancelled due to rain. instead of finding the gift in that, i was grumpy & obnoxious.

i tried to humor spencer and start chatting with him. coleman was entertaining himself while hanging out on the kitchen counter, busting out everything in one of the cabinets. spencer knew something was up and not-so-subtly decided to entertain himself with my company and his inquiries. we talked about school. about tv. about his crazy brother. there were silly antics involving some of coleman's cabinet discoveries. and i told him about what was going on at work. and he listened. and discussed.

eventually he said "i'm glad you're in a better mood now." what a slap to the face. looking back i can't help but wonder if spencer intentionally set out to *fix* my mood. and how horrible it is of me to put him into that position. instead of focusing on the stresses of the work day, i should've been enjoying my family...the people that i hold most dear.

instead of walking through my front door happy and excited to finally be where i belong...i took my worries out on them. but spencer saw my flaws and worked me into a happier place. whether intentional or not, my attitude (and our evening together) was completely salvaged by the efforts of a twelve-year-old boy.

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  1. Totally know how you feel... love ya!