celebrate {february}

celebrate {big moments}
  • coleman turned two years old
  • spencer made a new travel ball team
  • holly lost about five pounds
110225 Mickey Bday 15 - Coleman

celebrate {little moments}
  • coleman has started using the potty somewhat (over at aj's, not so much at home)
  • matt and i watched the super bowl
  • spencer showed some improvement in school on his progress report
110212 Coleman doing Valentine art 03

celebrate {struggles}
  • coleman was allergy tested (all clear!)
  • mom had a biopsy (all good!)
  • mom experienced a lot of pain from some shoulder issues (she's still struggling through it)
  • i went to cleveland for two days on a work trip (if you've ever been to cleveland in february, then you won't be asking why this is listed as a "struggle")
110206 Coleman asleep in car

celebrate {family}
  • matt and spencer went to a celtics basketball game (one of spencer's christmas gifts)
  • we celebrated valentine's day (though we really didn't do much)
  • three days of birthday celebrating for coleman
110226 Radio Flyer Party 80 copy110207 Celtics Game 01 - Matt & Spencer

celebrate {friends}
  • all four of us attended colton's 2nd birthday party
  • all four of us hung out at the chandler home and had a great time playing just dance
  • lots of time in the yard with neighbors. enjoying the warmer weather.

110205 Chandlers 06 - Meghan + Spencer + Tim
celebrate {words}
  • read acts, romans, 1 corinthians
  • finished reading james patterson's swimsuit
  • started reading ann voskamp's one thousand gifts and participating in an online book club
  • wrapped up debt free for life
110212 Playing in yard 05 - Coleman

celebrate {home}
  • opened our home to friends and family for coleman's birthday party
  • i hosted a bridal shower for matt's niece
  • our home cycled through from valentine's day decor, to red & white radio flyer decorations, and then to black & white damask with red accents.
110227 Christina's Bridal Shower02

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