dieting for dummies {3.27}

total weight loss: i'm still sitting at 13 pounds lost...if you're keeping track, you will know i've been there for a few weeks. let's talk about why...

wavering willpower: though i've definitely improved my overall eating habits, i have also experienced plenty of week moments...most of which are associated with eating out. i ate a quarter pounder from mcdonald's for the first time in months (gasp!!!). shame on me.

closet cleanout: matt and i recently attacked our master closet. the main goal on his side was purging. the main goal on my side -- to figure out what fits, especially spring/summer stuff. i'm happy to say that i fit into almost everything in my closet. this is HUGE! the best part??? my "goal" pants (size 4 camo pants from old navy)...not only can i fit in them, but they look good and there is no muffin top!

future of fat clothes??? one thing i'm stuggling with are my "fat clothes". the things that i've grown out of and hopefully will never wear again. i want to ditch them as motivation to stay leaner. but i'm also nervous about getting rid of clothes that might have to be replaced if i were to *relapse*. agh!!! what's a girl to do????

clothes shopping: i went clothes shopping this weekend for the first time in a while...and actually enjoyed it. i was able to confidently make purchases from my favorite store (banana republic).

in conclusion, though i've hitten a plateau (caused mainly by willpower), i'm very happy with where i am but i'm not done!!! i have a tough week ahead (lots of restaurants in my near future), but come next sunday...i need to get back on track and lose the next 7 pounds!

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  1. Ok...congrats on the 13. Staying there is just as important!! I will also give a shout out to the missing will power I had when I ate movie popcorn this weekend. If I don't get that one pound to 20 lbs...I am going to SCREAM! As far as the "fat" clothes. I say hang on to them. You never know when you run across one of those shirts you had that you liked. Sometimes, you can put them in the dryer on high heat and it will "alter" the size of the clothing. Just a thought for thoe special items you still may like to wear.
    I SO want to lose my second 20 by June 19. I don't know if I am going to make it...but am trying!!