right now {catching up}

as you  may have noticed...i haven't been around much. i thought it'd take a few minutes to catch you up on my life as it is right now.

<> i am learning to live with allergies - something i have never had before. a couple of weeks of exhaustion, several days of sneezing & watery eyes that were previously foreign to me, combined with a couple of sleepless nights eventually led me to my doctor's door. one shot in the rear and two prescriptions later, life goes on!

<> as you know from my multiple postings, i am now the proud mother of a two-year-old. with that came lots of party planning over the last several weeks. and a house full of friends and family this past saturday.

<> on sunday, i hosted a bridal shower for matt's niece (yes, you read that correctly. two back-to-back parties at our home). lots more planning and decorating and another day full of guests.

<> four days later, matt and i are still trying to reclaim our home. we are getting there. slowly.

<> work has been insanely crazy. it's good crazy, but so ridiculously busy.

<> my mom has been suffering from some pretty severe back/shoulder pain lately. many doctor and hospital visits, tests and plenty of meds. she is trying to mend and we're happy to learn it's nothing super serious (though that doesn't make it any less painful for her).

<> i am three episodes behind on american idol. blasphemous, i know.

<> i am reading one thousand gifts and participating in the online book club. i was staying on track until last week. right now, i think i am two or so chapters behind. i'm ok with that. i'm really trying to take my time with the book, the videos, and my own personal journaling. i'd rather be behind than to rush through it. i've also started my own list, working my way to 1,000.

<> above mentioned book has taken over most of my morning quiet time. this means i have not made the desired progress in finishing up the Bible. though i wanted to stay on track with that, this book is good and it's not always feasible to devote the time during other parts of my day.

<> coleman has turned from an early riser to a ridiculously early riser. though there are still some days when he may not wake until 6:00 or 6:30, it has become all too common for him to wake anywhere from 4:45 to 5:15. there does not seem to be any correlation between his bedtime, medicines, etc. we are fresh out of ideas. this, too, is interferring with my morning readings.

<> we have had some beautiful spring weather during the last several weeks and we have been enjoying it immensely. this week is a bit chillier (highs in the 50s & 60s), but we will survive.

<> spencer's baseball season is in full swing. he is tackling both a travel ball team and a recreational team at the same time. he currently has practice 5 out of 7 days a week. matt and i think it's pretty insane, but we will see how he does.

so, there you have it... my life in a nutshell. no pictures. no fancy words. just life...

<> my *celebrate february* post is ready to go except for pictures

<> i'm really behind on my photo process. hope to work on it some over the weekend.

<> coming soon: my february goal progress and march goals.

<> since i missed *dieting for dummies* this week, i'll just play catch up on sunday.

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