*today* i'm in a funk and i'm not really sure why

*today* i ran late getting out of the house and felt guilty for ask aj to feed coleman his breakfast

*today* i smashed my finger in a drawer

*today* i got in the car to realize i was on empty


*today* i told myself to stop sweating the little things and it was going to be a good day


*today* i'm feeling a little bit incredibly overwhelmed

*today* my to-do list feels impossible (professional and personal)

*today* i need some serious snuggle time with my baby boy

*today* i have so much to be excited about and can't muster it up

i guess we all have our days...at least it's only for *today*


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  1. I will totally give you an "amen" on the todays.... I am sorry your today hasn't been good....I really can relate. I hope you enjoy your snuggle time with your little man!!! :)