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i feel like i need to provide a little update on a few topics here on the blog homefront. i'm calling it a blog "mash-up". this is a term used frequently on glee. it represents when they *mash* two songs together into one (which is usually a bit of musical heaven), but it's just a fun word (and quite southern, as well).

glee - since i already mentioned it, we'll start there. the 2nd season, or the 2nd part of season one (whatever), began last week. it was heaven. pure bliss. it's hard to believe, but i think the show actually got better. after the fantastic madonna episode this week, i went back and watched the pilot (because i have all 15 episodes dvr'd and i will not let my husband delete any of them). though the core of the show is the same, there are a few noticable differences, and apparently the budget has much improved!

spencer - you may have noticed a lot of very vague speak about this 11-year-old lately. i apologize for that, but i do feel that not everything belongs on the internet. he's a good kid. the issues we are having with him are not anything that reflects negatively on him. he's going through a tough time. matt and i are struggling along with him as we learn a lot and try to make adjustments. again - i apologize for being so vague. we do appreciate any prayers on his behalf, though.

work - again...some vague comments in this area. but here i can elaborate and my lack of doing so previously was mere laziness. i'm a business analyst (aka - numbers cruncher). i haven't been 100% pleased with some of my responsibilities since returning from maternity leave about a year ago. my boss heard my pleas and answered them. we are making some adjustments to my position that will still include plenty of number crunching, but also reintroducing lowe's into the mix (something i've missed terribly) and a bit of marketing. a lot of it has to do with our re-launch of our loctite brand. it's a bit exciting.

the journey - in some of my weekly updates, i mentioned that the gal that is heading this daily devotional had taken some breaks here and there. i was able to find some online resources to help me through those short gaps. however, she seems to have kind of refocused the project and is back on track with a new plan. i'm excited the journey is still underway, and right now i'm only about a week behind in my readings, so that's pretty impressive (for me). i've developed a nice routine that involves me getting up before coleman each morning and enjoying a cup of coffee while i read my verses, devotional and do a journal entry. it's peaceful and much needed.

a week in the life - i was really hoping to post some details about this project earlier in the week, but time just got away from me. i decided to play along with ali edwards' project and you can read a lot more detail about it here on her blog. this is one of those projects that you can make as simple or as complicated as you choose. i took the more simple approach. however, i am a little disappointed in myself for not taking more pictures than i have. i feel like i really haven't captured nearly as much as i could have. but, anything is better than nothing. originally i was going to do a larger scale album almost exactly like the one ali is planning on doing. however, after seeing that i haven't taken the volume of pictures i originally expected, i am probably only going to do a mini album.

well, i think that about covers it for now. adios. have a wonderful weekend. praying for good weather (which is not in our forecast).


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