this week {4.12 to 4.18}

~ i played "catch up" on some photo editing ~

~ i shopped at cvs, bi-lo, harris teeter, and walgreen's ~

~ i finally got the fuelperks bi-lo bonus card. this thing is awesome! ~

~ coleman had a rash, which turned out to be a pollen skin allergy ~

~ spencer had multiple appointments (3 to be exact) ~

~ matt and i celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary ~

~ spencer had two baseball games. his team won both. ~

~ scott came over to hang out twice ~

~ we had some issues with "the ex" ~

~ coleman had a birthday party at daycare. dora themed. ~

~ i finished reading the book of judges through the journey ~

~ i worked a lot on a new project at work ~

~ matt, coleman and i went to the beach bash (part of the come-see-me festival) ~

~ cassidy and i went to the gamecock ladies football clinic ~

~ coleman spent the day with aunt sherry and her crew at a shoot ~

~ cassidy and i visited the cutest gamecocks boutique called miss cocky.  i bought a hat with bling ~

~ coleman and i went to brigitte's pampered chef party (i ordered a cookbook and a new baking stone) ~

~ i tried to catch up on laundry ~

~ i read the book of ruth through the journey ~

~ i spent a few minutes outside hanging with some neighbors ~

~ coleman and i discovered that juice makes a highly effective hair styling product ~
{savings tracker}
spent = $240; saved = $177 (42%)
annual savings = $1,482 (42%)
weekly average spent on a family of 3.5 = $138


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