this week {4.5 to 4.11}

~ i got another outside order for my 31 party ~

~ i got an (overdue) oil change ~

~ i watched part of the ncaa basketball championship game (spencer watched it all) ~

~ coleman had a really bad night (and therefore matt and i did, too) ~

~ i got caught up on The Journey devotionals to the point where she took a break - pondered how to fill that void - looked for resources online ~

~ we hired a painter to do three small rooms ~

~ coleman has gotten much harder to put to sleep at night (but he is sleeping a little later in the mornings) ~

~ scott helped matt move the washer/dryer ~

~ we emptied three rooms of stuff for the painter (and then filled them up again) ~

~ we ordered coleman a mini chair for the den ~

~ i received the official invitation for my nephew's eagle scout ceremony ~

~ i finished reading the book of joshua ~

~ the four of us went to bowater park ~

~ matt and scott installed cabinets in our laundry room ~

~ i had to reschedule my 31 party ~
~ matt and i went out to celebrate our 8th anniversary. sherry watched coleman (and his cousins tortured him) ~

~ matt bought and installed new towel bars and light switch plates ~

~ i created a digital frame for the easter bunny photos taken at our neighborhood event and got all of the photos added ~

~ coleman got a splinter. i had to hold him down while matt yanked it out ~

~ my home internet service was down for several days ~

~ matt, coleman and i went to spencer's first baseball game of the weekend tournament (there were four total) ~

~ my sister celebrated a birthday ~

~ coleman "helped" me do some laundry ~

~ i watched the movie shooter on tv ~
~ i handmade 18 thank you cards for coleman's birthday (YES, they are super late) ~

~ coleman and i went for a walk and to the neighborhood playground ~

~ coleman played in the yard (and was joined by his friend mccrea for a bit) ~

~ i pulled out this radio flyer tricycle (with handle) that matt's dad had given us when i was pregnant. i was able to push coleman around on it for his first "trike ride".  ~

~ the dogs got groomed, including a hair cut for cooper ~

rio on our new rug

~ i went through spencer's closet and emptied out the clothes that don't fit ~

{savings tracker}
i didn't grocery shop at all this week (surprisingly).
spent $23.41 at a gas station for some beer (at full price)
annual savings = $1,278 (41%)
weekly average for family of 3.5 = $131


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  1. Ok...is it weird that I love reading what you did in the course of a week? :) I hope you are having a GREAT week so far!