this week {3.29 to 4.4}

~ i was approached about taking on a different project at work. kind of exciting. ~

~ i dropped off clothes at a consignment shop (and picked up a few things for coleman while i was there) ~

~ the dogwood trees are in full bloom (makes me wish i had one in our yard) ~

~ i planned easter sunday's meal ~

~ i shopped at cvs and harris teeter ~

~ coleman was back to his old self after a bad bout of teething ~

~ i updated the dhf blog ~

~ i took easter candy to daycare ~

~ coleman had "hat day" at daycare ~

~ i didn't do so well with harris teeter triples on my second trip (lots of expensive non-sale items for easter dinner) ~

~ spencer got his report card: all As!!! ~

~ spencer had a field trip to the greenway ~

~ coleman and i went to teddy's track meet (he won both races) ~

~ coleman had an easter party at daycare (i attended) ~

~ i worked on flyers for britt's campaign ~

~ i washed all of the new towels we bought ~

~ didi was voted off american idol ~

~ we have GAC for the month. my favorite tv station. ~

~ i cleaned out our linen closet and laundry room. threw away 2 trash bags of old towels ~

~ i switched out coleman's winter clothing for spring/summer clothing ~

~ i finished reading the book of deuteronomy ~

~ i went out to hickory tavern with some girlfriends ~

~ i went to lunch at work with coworkers (and actually got a little sun on my arms) ~

~ the four of us went to wal-mart and lowe's ~

~ we bought a new medicine cabinet for the boys' bathroom ~

~ i had a beer with tara on her front porch ~

~ we did lots of cleaning and food prep ~

~ i put together easter baskets for the boys ~

~ we tried to go to an 8:30 easter church service ~

~ i hosted easter dinner for matt's family ~

~ i took coleman outside to play with neighbors ~

~ spencer bought a new video game with his own money ~

~ spencer watched the red sox versus the yankees in the mlb season opener. he was very excited ~

~ our neighbor and hoa president stopped by ~

~ i did some photo editing ~

~ i took a bubble bath ~

~ i got an outside order for my 31 party ~

{savings tracker}
spent $183; saved $102 (36%)
annual savings = $1296 (42%)
weekly average spent for family of 3.5 = $139


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