photos {neighborhood easter event}

the weekend before easter, our neighborhood had it's first easter event. as the chair of the social committee, i was also involved in the planning and execution of the event. for it being the first one, and our incredibly limited budget, i thought it turned out pretty decent.

we started with an egg hunt, with different areas for various age groups. coleman didn't care about finding the eggs, but he had a blast playing with them.

i had fun doing some selective coloring on this one.

the easter bunny made a special appearance at our event. coleman wasn't sure about him at first...

but he eventually realized he wasn't so bad. (hmmm...is the easter bunny a boy or girl???)

we also had a clown that was doing balloon creations for the kids

this is the awesome monkey on a tree that he made for us.

there were some (semi-)organized games (here spencer is bossing the other kids around).

we had a small bouncy house for the little kids

and a hand-painted board for photo ops!

spencer had a good time just hanging out and playing with the other kids


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