this week {4.19 to 4.25}

~ i tried my best (sort of) to participate in ali edwards' week in the life project, which is why this list may seem much more detailed than normal ~

~ i worked from home monday and thursday ~

~ matt was off monday, friday, saturday and sunday; worked nights tuesday, wednesday and thursday ~

~ spencer was with us monday, friday, saturday and sunday ~

~ coleman went to aj's for a little while on monday though that is not his normal schedule ~

~ matt and i had an appointment about spencer on monday; then ate lunch at mac's speed shop - love that place ~

~ spencer had a baseball game on monday night ~

~ we ordered chinese takeout after the game ~

~ on tv, i watched: castle, american idol, glee, criminal minds, fringe, justified, brothers & sisters, desperate housewives, the mentalist, and bones (yes, i know this is a lot of tv. i get caught up on my dvr'd stuff when matt works nights. for what it's worth, i multi-task. i rarely just sit and watch tv without doing something else).

~ matt submitted a resume to duke energy. i helped. ~

~ matt took spencer to school even though i was going right by there (long story) ~

~ followed up on 31 Party attendance and ultimately cancelled the event ~

~ our office paint was touched up (yucky smell) ~

~ i submitted a staples easy rebate online ~

~ i updated spencer's medical expenses spreadsheet ~

~ i submitted fsa reimbursement paperwork ~

~ i worked on flyers for britt's campaign for two nights and ultimately got them finished ~

~ i made mini flyers for our neighborhood yard sale, printed them, cut them, and gave them to a committee member to deliver ~

~ i looked into some butterfly birthday party ideas for cassidy and giada ~

~ i went to harris teeter and did some grocery shopping on my lunch hour ~

~ i documented a typical morning and evening routine ~

~ i did three lowe's store visits for work ~
~ i went to books a million and bought matt the new stone barrington novel (by stuart woods), per his request ~

~ cassidy and giada came by the house. i gave cassidy some 31 orders and she showed me some items she purchased for giada's birthday party ~

~ we ordered take-out from the white horse friday night ~

~ i went to bruster's on my lunch hour and got a strawberry sorbet ~

~ we watched the country music awards (that we had dvr'd) on friday night. love doing this ~

~ i made a donation to the march of dimes march for babies ~

~ my mom, sherry and i went to check out some apartments for mom, while coleman stayed at sherry's house and hung out with his aunt michelle and cousin maggie ~

~ coleman and i ate lunch at sherry's house ~

~ michelle, mom, coleman and i went to hobby lobby and tj maxx. i only spent $4 at hobby lobby but racked up at tj maxx!! ~

~ spencer went through his room choosing what he wanted to sell in the yard sale next weekend (and pricing it) ~

~ matt and spencer went to wal-mart and picked up coleman's little chair for the den ~

~ matt and spencer ate lunch at ebenezer cafe ~

~ our come-see-me tailgating and fireworks got cancelled because of poor weather. we all ended up hanging out at mchale's (an irish pub/restaurant). we pretty much took over the entire upstairs. ~
~ we all attended sherry's church for scout sunday ~

~ my oldest nephew, bo, received his eagle scout ~

~ my sister hosted a group of about 60 people for lunch at her house. ~

~ sherry took coleman and i on a mule ride ~

~ we ordered papa john's for supper ~

yes, if you are keeping tabs, i managed to make it through the entire weekend without cooking one single meal. not good for the budget or the belly, but good for the soul :)

{savings tracker}
spent = $60; saved = $38 (39%)
annual savings = $1,520 (42%)
weekly average for family of 3.5 = $133


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