accessory obsession {scarves}

notice anything that these photos have in common?
{of course, if you read the name of this post, it's pretty obvious}

yup...you're right. scarves.

let's back up for a brief history. for quite a while i have had an accessory fetish. i would be happy and content wearing jeans and a solid colored tee/tank if i had an unlimited accessories budget. shoes, bags, hats, etc. love 'em. so a few years ago when scarves started to become popular, i was all over that! it actually started more with long headbands for me. i gradually shifted to "decorative" scarves.
so, i wanted to do a tribute post to my scarf collection.

this first photo is of my *functional* scarf collection (in other words - winter scarves whose purpose is to keep me warm). i've collected winter hats/scarves/gloves for a while and every time i get a new coat (another serious obsession) i made sure to get a matching set of accessories. i usually keep my gloves in the actual coat pocket, so this drawer contains my warm scarves and hats. i have 14 winter scarves.

And here are my *decorative* scarves. There is a wide variety - sheer, thin, thick, fringe, fancy, casual, soft, silky, long, short, basic, elaborate...you get the point. despite already having a ton of them, i think i've already bought at least four more since taking this photo. my current total is 25.
note: the hanger pictured is from ikea and is AWESOME

my goal is to do additional posts about my other accessory collections :)


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  1. I SO love scarves as well. My "decorative" collection needs some beefing up though...I might try to do that over the summer through sales, etc. :)