{and i thought i was a gleek}

ok...as you know, i love glee. a lot. but apparently there are much bigger gleeks in the world than i would've ever imagined. today i happed upon these blogs --- and i wasn't even looking at glee related stuff - promise! as proof, here's the blog post that started all of this: the mother huddle

the girl that started this was even on fox news

what would emma pillsbury wear?
seriously...an entire blog about her wardrobe - including how to get her look for less, wardrobe challenges, etc.

what would glee wear?
a spin-off of the above blog

and a few others that were linked: gleehab + gleek report + gleeks united + glee dork

but all of that aside, that's still not nearly the coolest news related to glee... last night, matt mentioned that there was a live glee tour. at first i thought he was just teasing me. but it's true. i swear, it's true. however, i'm not quite as excited as i'd like to be. turns out the venue list currently consists of AZ, CA, IL, and NY. Hmmm...nothing too convenient for me :( super sadness. but i signed up to get the latest updates from gleetour2010.com just in case they add the good 'ole south to the list...a girl can dream.


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