photos {random catch-up}

wow, i've been scarce lately. many apologies. work has been crazy and once i'm home, i'm exhausted and lazy. not doing much past the necessities.

this is a totally random picture post, so bear with me. one of the things i LOVE about digital cameras is that if you have your laptop handy, you can swipe someone's memory card and get their photographic goodies right away. when i was visiting my mom and sister a few weekends ago, that's what i did. i got both of their memory cards and stole anything i wanted! here are some shots that i thought were good and i didn't capture myself.

the first couple are old ones from back in february - taken at coleman's daycare birthday party.
i like this first one because i think it captures the overall feel and environment of the little party.

i like this one because it actually has all four of us in it!

this is a cute one of spencer taken the night before coleman's party
the rest are a bit more recent...from about a month ago, when my nephew (bo) got his eagle scout.

my niece maggie
my nephew teddy

i love this picture of coleman (in the yard at my sister's house)

my nephews teddy (left) and bo (right) and their dad, chip (middle).
teddy is 4 years younger than bo, and quite a bit taller (he's grown even more in the past month!)


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