this week {5.10 to 5.16}

~ i clipped coupons ~

~ aj's mom gave me some saint patrick's day decor items as a gift. so sweet. ~

~ my social committee had some ridiculous drama (leading to one lady dropping out) ~

~ i unpacked from our weekend and shopping ~

~ i grocery shopped at harris teeter (with coleman) ~

~ coleman went to bed without supper. then he woke up around 11:30 needing a bottle (he never takes a bottle now) ~

~ coleman and i had swimming lessons on tuesday and thursday (matt came to watch thursday's lesson) ~

~ i picked up take-out chinese ~

~ i went shopping at kohl's...earned $20 in kohl's cash ~

~ coleman figured out how to take off his diaper ~

~ i worked at home on monday and thursday ~

~ i sent a detailed e-mail to the social committee ~

~ scott came over ~

~ spencer had a great baseball game and his team won ~

~ coleman played in the yard while i drank coffee on the patio ~

~ coleman and i went to check out the new shoe show (didn't buy anything) and then to tc's shaved ice ~

~ matt and i went to a wedding while sherry watched coleman ~

~ coleman and i had a tough sunday - he was not a happy camper ~

~ spencer's travel ball team were "co-champions" of their tournament (some games were rained out which is why there was more than one winner). this was their team's first tournament win. ~

~ i finished reading the book of 1 kings ~

{savings tracker}
spent = $108; saved = $57 (35%)
annual savings = $1,774 (41%)
average spent weekly for family of 3.5 = $134


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