this week {5.3 to 5.9}

~ i worked from home monday and tuesday ~

~ i shopped at cvs, wal-mart and the dollar tree ~

~ matt chaperoned spencer's field trip to camp thunderbird ~

~ we hosted a meet and greet for britt's campaign ~

~ i baked red and blue star-shaped cookies ~

~ spencer's baseball game got rained out ~

~ i finished reading the book of 2 samuel ~

~ i worked on the hoa newsletter, the social committee meeting agenda, and a power point presentation ~

~ i introduced coleman to drawing on my iphone ~

~ i planted two hanging baskets of flowers and a few pots ~

~ i had a dentist appointment ~

~ coleman and i had our first swimming lesson ~

~ spencer had a baseball game and did really well, though his team lost ~

~ spencer brought home a cool abstract pottery bowl he'd made at school ~

~ matt had to work an extra shift on thursday night ~

~ i took a vacation day on friday ~

~ aj had a mother's day breakfast friday morning at daycare ~

~ i spent friday morning doing laundry and packing for our weekend ~

~ coleman and i drove down to conway for the weekend ~

~ coleman and i stopped at mcdonald's for lunch and later stopped for a break at the myrtle beach visitor's center to play on the playground ~

~ we hung out at michelle's on friday night with her family and mom ~

~ me, coleman, mom, michelle and maggie spent all day saturday shopping ~

~ teddy placed 1st in the state shoot; bo's team placed 2nd ~

~ me, coleman, mom, sherry, chip, bo and teddy went out to breakfast on sunday at shoney's ~

~ i got photos off of mom and michelle's cameras ~

~ coleman and i drove home from conway (easier trip this time) ~

~ i threw away six bottles of tylenol, motrin, and benadryl; and submitted an online rebate ~

~ coleman and i hung out with tara outside for a few minutes ~

~ tara gave me some cute scrapbooking-themed stationary items ~

~ i got pink roses from matt for mother's day ~

{savings tracker}

spent = $36; saved $16 (31%)
annual savings = $1,717 (41%)
weekly average for family of 3.5 = $136


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