coleman {15 months old}

on monday, coleman turned 15 months old. one fourth of the way through his second year of life. the first year was pretty cool, but NOW...now is awesome. when i was pregnant, a friend told me that every new age was always her favorite. that they are always doing something amazing. i get it now.

today, coleman had his 15 month old check-up with dr. cook and got his mmr and chicken pox vaccines. he didn't like the shots, but as always - he was a trooper and the tears didn't last long. while we were waiting to see the doctor, coleman ran around playing with his baseball. (yes, i let my child run around a germ-infested doctor's office naked. he was happy. i was happy. it was early - how many germs could there really be???).

our "baby boy" weighed in at 24 pounds and 7 ounces (about average) and measured 32" long (above average). he got a clean bill of health from the good doctor and is on target with all of the important things. music to a mama's ears. even though the doctor said "he looks good", i'm pretty sure he meant to say "he's the most perfect fifteen-month-old child i've seen in all my years of practice"!

at fifteen months, coleman is all boy...

he is obsessed with mulch...

and sticks...

and shoes...

he loves going to aj's house and hanging out with his buddies...

he loves, loves, loves country music and is still hooked on his pacifier (we're working on that)...

he loves balls (of all sizes) and can throw really well (he has a good teacher)

he's a jabbermouth (i have no idea where he got THAT from). he talks constantly.
a few of the things he says that you can actually understand:
thank you
set, go
uh oh
something that sounds like "this" that he says A LOT ... we have no idea what it actually is.
when he says "sit" and "set", it sounds like a bad word...

at fifteen months...this kid is AWESOME...period.



  1. He is the best kid! He is all boy - Teddy is training him after all. He loves his Aunt Sherry - actually I think he loves coming to my house to be with the boys.

  2. He is just perfect Holly! :) I can't believe Giada is now past the age of 1 and Coleman is 15 months old!!! I wish I could stop time for both of us. :)

    Lots of love friend!!