loctite {brand re-launch}

this is a post rare in nature. i don't often blog about my day job. but i have to confess that i'm pretty pumped about this major brand re-launch that we are doing! if you haven't heard of loctite, you aren't alone. but, chances are...you've probably used our products! and if you drive a car, you benefit daily from the strength of our industrial adhesives (though i work for the consumer division of our company).

the re-launch includes updated packaging and a new ad campaign. you can catch an article HERE about it. as you are watching tv, keep an eye out for one of our two commercials - one features a boat, one a race car; same concept of a son and dad using our adhesive, combined with the professional usage of it. our print ads are super cool, as well!

it's a good feeling when you work for a company whose products you love, trust and respect. henkel is an awesome company. loctite is an awesome brand.
sidenote: i used our ultra gel super glue twice this weekend. kicks butt. go getcha some!


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