book review {one thousand gifts}

how it came to be...
a few months ago, i saw a post on a blog that lead me to another post on another blog (you know how that goes). somehow, i was lead to a book called one thousand gifts. it was relatively new and a blog called (in)courage was hosting an online book club. a book about a list. and a book club. oh yeah, this was right up my alley.

and so it began...
so, i made my purchase from amazon without even knowing what i was getting into. then i learned that one of my sisters had the book and already followed the author's blog. and then we pulled in my other sister. the three of us would tackle it together. 

the journey...
i decided to make it a priority to really absorb this book. i didn't just read it, i studied it. after completing a chapter, i would then watch the corresponding video and read the blog post. then, slowly, i would re-read the chapter again. underlining. and i journaled. my thoughts, my feelings, my questions. i did this for all eleven chapters. no, i didn't keep up with the timing of the book club, but that was fine by me. 

the project...
shortly after beginning the book, i began my own list of one thousand gifts. i forced myself to just start. no pretty journal. no flowery words. just start writing. now i have over 750 things on my list. my list that is housed in a boring, yellow spiral notebook. 

my oldest sister came up with the idea for the three of us to email daily during the month of march. we would share what we were thankful for that day. ninety gifts later, we not only had given thanks, but were able to learn just a little bit more about each other.

the book...
before ever cracking the cover of this book, i read how life-changing it would be. i was skeptical. but, like many things, i think it is what you make it. you could easily rush through this book like a novel and never look back. or you could absorb every word and allow it to change you. 

this is not a quick or easy read. ann's style of writing can be tedious and difficult, but that works well in this case. her unique way with words makes you slow down and think things through a bit more. 

i chose to review this book in a post on my own. i was not asked, nor paid or rewarded for doing so. i paid for my copy of this book and have no affiliation with its author or publisher.

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