story {x1 carolinas}

earlier this year, we learned about a new baseball facility - x1 carolinas - and they were developing teams in all age groups. 

110319 X1 Game 07 - Spencer

spencer tried out...and sure enough, he made the 12u team. we were so excited and proud...as was he. 

110319 X1 Game 09 - Spencer

fast forward a few months...spencer is happier than ever. his coaches rock. he gets along great with the kids on his team -- kids he had never met before. 

110319 X1 Game 14 - Spencer

he has been completely dedicated to the sport. this team combined with rec ball for a few months...he had games or practice 6 out of 7 days a week.

110403 X1 Carolinas 15

we were worried about burnout. and though he had a few tough moments, all in all, he pulled through - completely passionate about the sport.

110403 X1 Carolinas 16

at the beginning of the season, spencer spent most of his time in the outfield and rarely pitched. 

110403 X1 Carolinas 17

his hitting was better than last year, but not stellar.

110430 X1 Carolinas 04 - Spencer

a few months of hard work, good coaching and lots of practice....

110430 X1 Carolinas 12 - Spencer

now he has spent many innings on the pitcher's mound...

110430 X1 Carolinas 16

and his batting has improved ten-fold...

110430 X1 Carolinas 25 - Spencer

including a triple...and his first home run

110501 X1 Carolinas 17 - Spencer

sitting on the sidelines...watching his growth...

110501 X1 Carolinas 29 - Spencer copy

it's been an amazing experience. 

110501 X1 Carolinas 35 - Spencer

we are not just happy that he is improving his skills...

110501 X1 Carolinas 50 - Spencer

but we are so happy that he has found a team and a facility where he feels at home.

110501 X1 Carolinas 57 - Spencer

it's a family of its own. a place where he belongs. 

110501 X1 Carolinas 68 - Spencer copy

a few trophies along the way...

110501 X1 Carolinas 77 copy

that's just icing on the cake.

thank you x1 carolinas. thank you spencer. it's been an awesome spring and we are looking forward the next two months as we round out the 2011 season! 

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