product recommendation {faux tan}

i don't recommend product very often. but, once in a blue moon i find something that i love so much, i have to share the information...this is one of those times.

i first learned about faux tan by bare essentuals last summer when my (equally pale) sister used it and i was totally impressed by her natural-looking, yet fake, tan. when spring rolled around, i decided i needed to invest. unfortunately, it truly is an investment, as it's pretty pricey. but, i have found it's totally worth it. plus it's way cheaper than a tanning bed if you are considering that route. and the stuff works so much better than any other sunless tanning product i've used (and i have tried several over the years).

i tried to find photographic evidence...this doesn't do it complete justice, but hopefully you get the idea.

this first photo was taken in june of last year...i'd had some sun exposure and developed somewhat of a natural "tan" (no tanning bed...this was 'dark' for me). 
100619 Bowater Park 22 - H+C

and then this was taken in may of this year...no tanning bed. any natural sun exposure was with 50 or 70 spf sunscreen. this is all faux

if you are interested in purchasing the product, i highly recommend qvc. you get more product than elsewhere, making it a better value, PLUS you get a brush for applying it, which is really awesome (and i think it's exclusive to qvc).

the product is far from perfect. i still struggle around the tough areas (ankles, knees, etc)...but it is by far better than any other i've tried!

complete sidenote: if you look closely, these photos also are a pretty good representation of my weight loss. i didn't realize how much thinner my face looks. 



  1. :) Good job on the weight loss! And yes, the faux tan does look pretty real! I've always been scared of fake tanners because I still remember the stuff from the late 90's that turned your palms orange, lol!

  2. I love your pics! I asked about the faux tan stuff when I was at the BE store. You are right....all the extra goodies are specific to QVC. I need to get some to maintain the sun I am getting at the beach this week. Also....you look fabulous friend!!!!!