celebrate {coleman - june 2011}

:: mommy and daddy went for a night away to celebrate their ninth anniversary. you stayed with aunt sherry. you love hanging out with aunt sherry, uncle chip, bo and teddy. sometimes you will recite all four of their names for absolutely no reason. it's quite cute. i love that you love them so much. and we are so blessed to have family close by that enjoys watching our little man when we need some help!

110409 Coleman in hat

:: you are completely obsessed with hats. you know exactly where they are kept in your room and will go and get one (or several). sometimes you wear them around the house for fun. sometimes when we are about to walk out the door, you realize you need one and run upstairs to get it. of course, mommy has to interfere and try to get you to wear one that matches your outfit.

110410 Yard Play 03 - Coleman

:: i feel like a broken record, but you are still totally enamored with baseball. it's actually gotten more intense. you insist on throwing the ball or hitting constantly. inside. outside. in the garage. if you don't have a bat and ball, you improvise (see above photo). you stay relatively entertained at spencer's ball games...actually watching the games. you also love to watch baseball on tv and often times will forfeit mickey mouse for a (dvr'd) game.

:: speaking of tv, you regained your love of mickey mouse, but are over the toy story movies. for now. of course, this happened right after daddy bought you a buzz lightyear toy and mommy bought you toy story shoes and backpack.

110424 Easter 02 - Coleman

:: your bedtime routine has varied a lot lately. we used to have a pretty good thing going (teeth, bath, PJs, rock, crib). for some reason you are now quite opposed to bathtime, though you used to thoroughly enjoy it. you started letting us read books to you at bedtime, but we've had to be careful to keep that under control and make sure you aren't using it as a stalling tactic. most nights you go down very easily but on occasion, you've been giving us a little grief at bedtime. and sometimes, you skip the whole book/rock routine and go straight for the crib! you keep us on our toes.

110410 Yard Play 08

:: you tend to be somewhat intimidated by large social groups. when we arrive at such an event, you spend plenty of time checking things out...staring people down. you cling close to mommy or daddy. gradually, you will loosen up and start to have fun. you just have to taken in your surroundings first. i hope this is a trait you will carry with you as you mature.

110414 Mickey Mouse Magic Show 01 - Coleman

:: you are a stair climbing master. and have been for a while. i used to have mommy guilt about letting you scale the stairs on your own (which creates gasps from other parents). but i'm over it. at this point, i'm pretty sure it's more likely that i would fall down the stairs than you.

110422 Coleman with Spencer's glasses & hat 01

:: you have become very difficult to dress. we aren't sure what the sudden aversion to it is...but you fight the process with all of your might!

:: you had two field trips with daycare this month. during one of them, you took your first pony ride!!

110423 Dying Easter Eggs 02 - Coleman

:: you are still totally addicted to your pacifier. we are bad parents because we haven't enforced you getting rid of it. at daycare, you only use it at naptime. at home, you know we are suckers and you milk it.

:: you got ringworm. we have no idea how. it was very small and on your upper thigh. luckily, it didn't seem to bother you, didn't spread and because it was hidden by your clothes, no one else got it.

110424 Easter Baskets 03 - Coleman

:: we dress you in one-piece pajamas almost every night. this allows us to lather you up with lotions, ointments and cremes...and keeps you from scratching your legs. the summer versions are kind of tough to find -- children's place (stores only) and old navy (online only) are the few sources we've figured out so far.

110407 Coleman on slide

:: you love to slide. when you find a playground, that's really the only thing you care about. big slides, little slides, bumpy slides, curvy slides. you love them all. when we put up the backyard pool, you immediately ask for your slide, too.

110426 Coleman in Matt's recliner - spoiled

:: some of your favorite foods include...cheese, edamame, chicken, hot dogs, grapes, oranges and grandmommy jo's brown rice. you also love popsicles.

:: you are completely obsessed with bracelets. it can be my bracelets, or the causal bracelets that are so popular, or whatever! you have started wearing my hair rubberbands on your left arm. you usually have 5 to 10 at a time and you literally wear them all the time. you also like to wear my headbands around your neck. after you insisted on wearing them to old navy, i started hiding them from you. i'm a mean mommy, i know!

all photos were taken in april 2011

this post is part of a series highlighting the life and growth of our boys each month. spencer will be featured on the 15th of every month, and coleman on the 24th. 


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  1. I love it! You are so awesome with your posts and keeping up with the comings and "growings" of Coleman!