celebrate {april 2011}

celebrate {big moments}
  • matt & i took an overnight trip to columbia
  • matt & i celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary
  • christina & johnathan's wedding (matt's niece)
  • my family and matt's family came together to celebrate easter
110417 Christina's Wedding 03 - Britt + Christina copy2

celebrate {little moments}

  • spencer's rec baseball season started
  • spencer had two baseball tournaments with his travel team
  • took coleman to see Mickey Mouse's Live Magic Show
  • lots of outdoor time with friends and neighbors.
110411 Phillies Game 05 - Spencer

celebrate {struggles}

    110409 Hail Storm 03
celebrate {family}

  • attended a bridal luncheon, wedding rehearsal, and rehearsal party (matt's niece)
  • took a day off during spring break for the 4 of us to hang out
  • matt and spencer went fishing
110421 Coleman with Pops 02

celebrate {words}

  • finished reading The Holy Bible
  • finished reading One Thousand Gifts by ann voskamp
  • slowly reading stuart woods' Fresh Disasters
  • began reading Anxious for Nothing
110423 Dying Easter Eggs 05 - S+C

celebrate {home}

  • organized the kitchen pantry
  • purged and reorganized all of coleman's clothing
  • cleaned out the garage!!!
  • purchased new patio furniture
  • planted a few flowers
110429 Gerber Daisies 03 copy

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