celebrate {spencer - june 2011}

110411 Phillies Game 05 - Spencer

:: you wrapped up your season of rec baseball. you weren't thrilled with your team this time around, but were basically participating for extra practice. you were a good sport for the most part, but did get pretty upset with your coach a few times. it's all part of being an athlete, i suppose!

110417 Christina's Wedding 16 - Spencer copy 2

:: you have SUCH a silly side. it keeps us all quiet entertained!

110418 Backyard Baseball 02 - Spencer

:: you decided that you wanted coleman to call you by your actual name, as opposed to "bubba". turns out that coleman's pronunciation comes out more like "shepa". but you got your wish. at baseball games, coleman will yell "go, shepa, go!!".

110422 Spencer's silly hair copy

:: you completed sixth grade. your first year of middle school. your last report card was 3 B's and 1 A (in academic subjects). you didn't love the academics of the year...and weren't particularly fond of your teachers. but you had a good year and we are proud of you!

 110423 Dying Easter Eggs 05 - S+C

:: you've been pitching a lot more with your travel ball team. you are doing so well!!!

110424 Easter Baskets 01 - Spencer

:: you wear a size 14 pants, extra large shirts, and size 6.5 shoes. you recently got new reeboks and are pretty excited about them!

110429 Yard Play 09 - Spencer + Colton

all photos were taken in april 2011

this post is part of a series highlighting the life and growth of our boys each month. spencer will be featured on the 15th of every month, and coleman on the 24th.

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