{layouts by spencer}

I mentioned in a previous post that Spencer, surprisingly, wanted to scrapbook with my mom, sisters and I a few weekends ago. He completed three layouts, pictured below. He had a binder full of all 2008 photos and some 2009. These are the ones he chose - I think it says a lot about who he is right now and that is just as cool as any other part of the layouts. Baseball, Gamecocks, his Dogs...that's Spencer in a nutshell :)

I didn't have many supplies packed for this crop, but Spencer got lucky that I had just bought these baseball papers at the convention. He used gold stickles (from my mom) for the stars, "all star" stamp which was a gift from my sister to me. He hand-painted the "go team" with paint (something I did actually bring myself).
I didn't have any dog supplies with me so he had to rely on his own creativity here. The patterned paper I'd purchased at the convention. He hand drew all the words and the dog bone, obviously. I honestly don't remember what he used for all the colors...looks like chalk, maybe?

And these are photos from a Gamecock baseball game. He hand drew the borders, coloring them in himself. The funniest thing... when he was about to start this page - and had the border idea - he asked me if I was going to do another page. I was thinking "uh oh, he's ready to go already and I want to stay a while longer". So, I told him yes, I was planning on doing another page. And he said "good, I don't want to be rushed". LOL!!! Most of the words here are painted, the bottom words are letter stickers. I didn't realize the "C" had fallen off until after I took the photo. It should say "Cocks Win".

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