Baseball - 2nd Game

Here are pictures from Spencer's second baseball game. After losing the first, I'm happy to report that the White Sox pulled off an awesome win on this one!

They played a very strong game, especially in the beginning. They were really leading. However, mid-way through the game, they ran into a little problem. Almost all of the players had a really bad habit of throwing the bat after they hit. The umpire put up with it for awhile but eventually starting calling outs for it. There were a lot of outs. But Coach Ed had faith in these guys and fought to get them to break the habit and win the game. And they did. I’ve never heard “drop the bat” and “don’t throw the bat” screamed so many times. It was insane. But the parents were pumped, and the players were pumped – and in the end, the White Sox got their first win, 13-11. The boys were so excited. It was truly awesome to watch and experience!

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