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OK, I can't stand it any longer...I have to share our "soon to be" good news...

Matt & I have decided to adopt another dog. I was leaning toward something a little smaller than Rio - a lap dog of sorts. But I've always preferred larger breeds so I was stumped.

Then Matt discovered a rare breed that neither of us had heard of. It's the Carolina Dog, also referred to as the Dixie Dingo based on its relation and resemblance to the Australian Dingo. After reading up on the breed, Matt was convinced he wanted one. I was sold that it'd be a good dog for us but I do not like purchasing from breeders. There are too many dogs out there that need good homes. So, I searched for a rescue dog of this breed and was quite successful.

We found Caroline. She is at a Humane Society that is about 1.5 hours from where we live (but only about 1/2 hour from where I work). We've talked with a lady there as well as the foster mom with whom she's living right now. They sent us pictures and lots of details on her. She's a Katrina dog, also.

Matt and I went to meet her this morning and I believe we're sold. I fell in love. She is the same size as Rio and acts a LOT like him. She has all her shots, is leash trained, house trained. She only barks when there's a real reason (such as a stranger in the yard). She loves the outdoors for play and is definitely an indoor dog, but loves other dogs (they wouldn't place her in a home w/out one). She is probably almost three years old and has passed any puppy tendencies for chewing or destroying.

The only thing is that we HAVE to get a fence before we are able to take her. So...we're working on that now. We got a quote today. It's much higher than we'd hoped, but it needs to be done. Not just for Caroline, but for Rio. It's going to cost us significantly more to do a split rail fence in this house than it did for us to do a 6ft privacy in our old house just a couple of years ago. The guy said that the price has gone up insanely because of gas prices. Joy joy. Matt is calling around for a few more quotes first though. It'll probably take a few weeks to get the fence in so I couldn't keep my mouth shut any longer! These pictures are all onces shared by the foster mom. Caroline is actually smaller than she seems in the pictures. She is only about 40 pounds. Isn't she precious????

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  1. She is adorable! How awesome for you!!