Book - Maximum Ride: School's Out Forever

Yup, another James Patterson book. This one is called Maximum Ride: School's Out Forever.

I must admit that this series of books kind of confuses me. I thought I remember something happening in the last one (pretty important) that was never addressed in this one, but yet they are set up to work like a series with the same characters and all. Weird.
Anyway, these books are totally different than most James Patterson books so be prepared if you haven't read one of them yet. They are more science fiction and are about a group of kids that have been "altered" to have wings and are trying to escape from the doctors, etc.
The other thing about these books is that I don't feel like they are truly "concluded" at the end. I always feel like it just ends. Not a cliffhanger necessarily, just no closure. With his other series (more crime related) there isn't that feeling.

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