{coleman @ 7 months}

ok, i'm a slack mommy and have not posted any good coleman updates lately. so...on september 24, coleman turned 7 months old. craziness. below are two quick shots (from my phone) that i took over the weekend. the first was in our backyard on sunday and the second was in ikea on saturday.

coleman at six months was pretty impressive...but coleman at seven months is amazing. it was like overnight he decided he would see how many things he could accomplish. all of a sudden he started being able to pull himself from lying down to sitting up. just poof! it happened. and he is GOOD at it now. and he went from weeks of scootin' around to POOF - he's a master crawling machine. he is everywhere. it is seriously amazing. he *wows* me everyday!!!

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  1. Holly- What a blessing our little ones are! I just love seeing Giada grow and change everyday and I know you feel the same about Coleman! I can't believe she is 20 weeks now....nearly 5 months old. Where does the time go? :)
    Coleman is blessed to have you as his mommy! :)