{this morning...}

this morning i am...

- wondering why obama won the nobel peace prize

- pleasantly surprised with the quality of starbucks' new instant coffee

- hoping spencer is feeling better today (he has the flu)

- thinking matt is sweet for offering to still take coleman and i to the christmas carol train, even though spencer is sick and we can't take him as planned

- trying to decide if i still want to take a half vacation day this afternoon

- happy to have a new coupon binder

- thinking coleman looks adorable in a toboggan and glad i stocked up for winter

- is feeling a little overwhelmed by my to-do lists (both at work and at home)

- thinking i lost another pound

- needing to eat some breakfast

- hoping for a gamecock victory tomorrow. gotta keep that top 25 rank

- wondering if our country's deficit might be a little more manageable if we didn't waste millions on "useful" things like bombing the moon...just a thought.

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