{right now}

right now....

- there are two pork chops marinating in the fridge for tonight's supper.

- i'm loving that coleman slept through the whole night and wonder what the chances are of it happening two nights in a row (i'm putting my money on slim to none).

photo taken this morning while eating breakfast

- i'm not looking forward to the two work trips that i have booked this month and next (too much time away from my baby!)

- i'm enjoying the new dry erase/magnetic board that i'm using at work to prioritize my workload. also liking the cute thermos i got at ikea.

- my favorite song is lady antebellum's need you now (with a close second being the glee cast version of don't stop believin' - no disrespect to journey, but this is awesome!)

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  1. owww! I like the white board too!
    I see my company's name on there! cool