sunday savings {10.11}

on sunday, i went to harris teeter and bi-lo. i was particularly impressed with my bi-lo shopping (which partially makes up for the bad experience i had last week).

harris teeter
Spent = $44.73
Saved = $51.00 (53%)
- I did this week's "meal deal" which was a good bargain because I had a $2.00 coupon off the main item, so the whole meal was only $5.99.
- Also, got a steal on some McCormick's spices. Select ones were 50% off, I had $1.00 coupons for each that I purchased and got a $2.00 coupon back. My math says I paid about 46 cents each (for four items).

Spent = $42.98
Saved = $79.98 (65%)
- I did the baby food deal once again (buy $20 in gerber, get $5 back), but I used all coupons NOT associated with another store so they wouldn't screw it up for me again :) I basically got everything for half price. My total without the $5 instant savings and coupons would've been $22 and my coupons + instant savings totalled $11.80.
- I got two boxes of Apple Jacks for 50 cents each :)
- Bags of cheeze doodles, also for about 50 cents each
- 2 boxes of free Kleenex
- Cheap dog food, wipes, yogurt, butter...good week!

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