It's time that I post about the best thing that's happened to me since Coleman's birth (don't you love a little flair for the dramatic???). In all seriousness, I have not fallen in love with a TV show like this in over 8 years...what happened 8 years ago...think...got it??? Here's a hint: AMERICAN IDOL.

So anyway, apparently what happened was this: a bunch of writers, producers, whatever, sat down in a big conference room at Fox. They said to themselves..."Let's create a TV show just for Holly". And GLEE was born. It's perfect in every way. Fantastic music mixed with quirky humor. i love it in every way.

If you haven't seen it and want to give it a try - you can watch the full episodes on Fox. And then, once you've fallen in love, you can go to iTunes to download all the music (as I have). Ahhh...life is good...

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