{last week}

i was hoping to post this yesterday and call it "this week", but there's an explanation for that below.

last week...

...i didn't have internet at home (and lived to tell the story...)

...we went to the pumpkin patch and took some seriously cute photos

...i was elected to the board of directors for our neighborhood HOA

...i finally went to the dentist about my jaw

...and then i went to an oral surgeon

...i wasted $95 to find out i should just take 600mg of ibuprofen every six hours

...i got into an argument with a coworker...then he quit (unrelated, i swear)

...i fixed coleman's ipod shuffle (well, it's working again - not sure i actually fixed it)

...matt was off and spencer was with us almost all week

...spencer had two baseball games

...coleman finally cut his first two teeth

...we had two teacher conferences

...spencer brought home an F on a math test (unrelated to the above-mentioned conferences)

...i wondered what we're doing wrong

...i learned that i need to stop complaining about not getting any sleep. when i think it can't get any worse, it does.

...i may have found our christmas photo photographer

...i watched the gamecocks beat vandy

...i'm praying that coleman's halloween costume will not be too small

...we purchased a large radio flyer wagon


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  1. You could have also have said you went to see precious Giada get baptized. :) Thank you soooo much for coming!!