career mama {lazy weekend}

last weekend, i had a lazy one. it wasn't planned that way. it just happened.

monday morning when folks ask "how was your weekend?", i responded "oh, it was nice. i didn't really do much. sometimes it's nice to have a lazy weekend."

for two days...

i did five loads of laundry and emptied the dishwasher a few times. 

i emptied all the trash throughout the house and hung out with my energetic toddler. 

i clipped coupons, filed them in my binder, researched my shopping list, grocery shopped (with toddler in tow), unloaded and put them all away. 

i played in the yard. 

i moved some stuff around in the garage, set up our new fridge and reorganized our food & drink storage. 

i had coleman bathed and supper ready when matt got home from work.

i went through each and every toy that coleman owns, organizing, purging. 

i loaded the car up with donations to be dropped off. 

i spent time in my "scrapbook" studio tidying up and organizing some incomplete projects.

yes, i had a lazy weekend and it felt good.

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