celebrate {coleman - may 2011}

110312 Coleman coloring 05

:: you (finally) went for your two-year-old check-up. you weigh 29.4 pounds and are 35.75 inches tall. this means you will probably grow to be around 6 feet tall. your skin continues to be awful and the doctor finally referred to it as excema. we've had to stop giving you bubble baths completely, which doesn't make you happy.

110312 Yard Play 08 - Coleman + Colton

:: your baseball skills continue to impress everyone that sees you in action. you kick up your leg like a real pitcher (just like bubba!). you have a great arm with amazing accuracy. you are still not able to catch very well, but you love to "play catch" more than anything else. you spend lots of free time in the garage throwing by yourself.

110312 Yard Play 12 - Coleman

:: your vocabulary is growing so fast!!! some of your favorite sayings are "oh nice" and "wow". you say "it tickles" a lot...usually a way to say something feels funny, even if it doesn't actually tickle. one of your most commonly asked questions is "what happened?". and since you are so independent, we hear "i do it" many times a day!

110313 Yard Play 03 - Coleman

:: sometimes you will watch your big brother play baseball video games as if it's a real game. it's quite funny.

110320 Coleman playing in sink 18

:: despite my best efforts, you really have very little interest in art. whether it's drawing, coloring, painting, whatever...it just doesn't grab your attention the way i would like! i wonder if you will grow into it, or forever be bored with my crafty ideas???

110309 Coleman playing guitar

:: amazingly enough, toy story movies have completely replaced your obsession with monster's inc. and mickey mouse clubhouse. we have all three of them dvr'd and you are constantly asking for "movie". you will watch them as many times each day as we will allow! your daddy bought you a big buzz lightyear toy and you already have two mr. potato heads (one of which is a toy story version). it makes me wonder how long this will last before the next thing comes along...

110301 Coleman at AJ's

all photos were taken in march 2011

this post is part of a series highlighting the life and growth of our boys each month. spencer will be featured on the 15th of every month, and coleman on the 24th.


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  1. SO adorable!!!
    Can't believe how BIG he is!!
    And SO {love} that static pic!!!