right now {5 things}

five things i'm totally loving right now...

:: edamame. even though it's a vegetable, i'm not sure that it's OK to eat this much of anything. i love that coleman knows how to eat it in the pod and one of my favorite things is for the two of us to cuddle up in the recliner with a bowl of edamame to share. 

:: garage fridge. for years i have wanted a refrigerator in the garage. the main reason we didn't have one is because it was always too messy. after our last cleanup a few weeks ago, we decided it was time. we got lucky and found a great yard sale deal. yesterday i loaded it up with all of our drinks - just in time for summer. i'm giddy!

:: coleman's vocabulary. it is adorable and so much fun to watch coleman learn new words and phrases. it keeps me smiling everyday!

:: pinterest. if you haven't signed up for pinterest yet, you have to go now. it's just the coolest thing ever. my boards are still growing, but you can find me here. oh, and they have a new app now too. 

:: the weather. it's warm (ok, sometimes it's hot). but it's not miserable yet. the evenings and mornings are quite pleasant. lots of outdoor time with my favorite little person. 

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