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stacy julian's library of memories class is now being called finding photo freedom and begins in june. she is offering this for free to anyone that has taken the LOM class, as i did two years ago. i pretended to take it again last year but honestly did nothing with it.

Big Picture Classes

i'm super excited that the course is getting fresh updates. i think it's amazingly wonderful that stacy is allowing all alumni to participate at no cost. but most of all, i'm tickled that this is good timing for me. why is it good timing?

:: may will be over. it's a long story but basically...may has been CRAZY from a professional standpoint. april was pretty crazy personally and that has carried somewhat into may. if i can survive this month, i should be able to take a deep breath.

:: i am determined that i have to figure out a way to get creativity and memory keeping back into my everyday life!!! (the key there is *everyday*, not just occassionally). i will always be busy...that's not going to change. it's time to make this part of my life a priority.

so, i'm ready...ready to jump in when june comes. and i'm hoping to spend a little time over the next few weeks (if possible) doing some of the class prep work. wish me luck.

if you are participating in the class, leave me a comment and let me know!

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  1. I've signed up for the first time... looking forward to trying to implement systems that get me creating again, too... but did you know alumni have a separate class to newbies, so there's no interaction between the two :( not sure if that's a good idea or not, I'll see how it plays out in the first few weeks... my first task is to become acquainted with my photo organiser!