career mama {changes @ home}

we talked about the difference in a working mama versus a career mama. and we looked at changes you could make at work to become more of a career mama. now, let's take a look at changes that can be made at home...

|1|  find a way to transition from work to home. the woman that walked out of your “office”, should not be the same woman that walks through your front door.

|2|  leave your work at work (where it belongs). this is particularly difficult in our smart phone society.

|3|  greet your family with a smile and hugs and kisses. let them know you are happy to be there with them.

|4|  when you first get home, focus on the people not on the tasks waiting for you.

|5|  find a way to treat yourself nightly. think simple, but satisfying. maybe a cold beer or hot tea. a bubble bath or 10 minutes of a good book before bed. a favorite tv show.

|6|  ask for help. whether it's your spouse, a friend, family member...if you need help, ask.

|7|  prepare. find your stress triggers and plan ahead to relieve the pressure. if mornings are rushed for you, prepare as much as possible the night before.

|8|  be organized. an organized home runs more smoothly.

|9|  write it down. dates on calendars. lists of to-dos. whatever. writing things down gets them out of your head and that's a good thing.

|10|  pray.

this post is part of a new focus here at the chronicles:
the career mama
balancing work & home, while loving it all.

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